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 Consulting Services    
Collaborative Engineering provides advance consulting services to facilitate the implementation of app.jpgcollaborative business schemes, based on common process and operated through a shared ICT platform. Services are targeted to Business Intermediaries, Regional Development Agencies, Cluster Representatives, Industrial Associations and Large Enterprise and include:
  • Design and Set-up of Insutrial Collabortaive Networks
  • Project and Program Management
  • Qualification of Prttners in Collaborative Networks
  • Set-up of Professional Communities
  • Legal Support Services



    The set-up of successful Collaborative Networks implies the mastering and integration of the all the different aspects involved, such as: industrial engineering, business development, organizational and legal/contractual issues and ICT analysis and deployment.

    In this scenario, Collaborative Engineering unique capabilities are:

    1. Set-up and deployment of multidisciplinary teams, suitable for addressing Customer’s specific needs,
    2. Consolidated knowledge of collaborative networked initiatives and Best Practices, obtained in both industrial and European funded projects contexts
    3. Ability to identify and adapt the main emerging trends of collaborative models, at European wide level.

    The consulting services offered by CE offer innovative capabilities, such as:

    • Delivering integrated, turn key solutions to Customers
    • Self-sustainability of the proposed solutions
    • Potential for supporting multi-cluster collaboration, through common, “standardised” approach.



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