Monday, May 20, 2019   

The ability of deploying multidisciplinary teams is crucial to achieve a truly integrated offer to customers. This is achieved by CE through the development of strategic partnerships with:SamplePicture07.jpg

Law Firms: CE is in a position of developing different legal services, which are delivered through partnerships with Law Firms. Several agreements are in progress with European Law Firms.

ICT Solutions Providers: CE establishes partnerships with ICT solution providers to offer integrated self standing solution to the final customer.

Commercial Partnerships: CE develops commercial partnerships to create collaboration framework with partners willing to jointly exploit the knowledge based owned by Collaborative Engineering in the set-up and implementation of collaborative businesses.

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The main characteristics required in order to establish such partnerships are an established working relationships and recognized competence in the provision of services in a collaborative business environment.

These characteristics are necessary to ensure a safe and reliable deployment of a multidisciplinary team able to deliver integrated solutions, achieving decisive competitive advantage.

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