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This training indtroduces the relevance of clusters in today's global environment, with an emphasis on the practicalities of implementing a cluster development programme based on the adoption of mechanisms for promoting innovation and competitiveness boosting mechanisms.

As a matter of fact, while successful cluster requires the adoption of a fully collaborative approach, suitable fo supporting  a new peer-to-peer business relationship,  long term vision and development prospects can be secured only by implementing Virtual Communities of Professionals and Living Lab.

Virtual Professional Communities (VPC) are Associations of "individuals"(knowledge workers) identified by a specific knowledge scope with an explicit business orientation.

VPC members interact through ICT-mediated and face to face mechanisms.

The overall structure and operation principles are defined in accordance to the three dimensions of the "KBS Chromo Framework".

Living Labs bring together technology and service providers with expected customers groups to negotiate operational requirements for the product/service in order to deliver and define the most viable solution to implement the market. Those include the defnition of suitable operational frameworks and processes, the explanantion of Best Practices, relevant Business Models and Governance structures.

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